Why I love my body (Post 4, Lent 2018)

A much more covered up picture for week 4 of my Lent body positivity challenge. But there’s a reason for that…

So, last week, the lovely Cat at Cat H. Bradley commented that I had great arms (thank you again!) and it surprised me, as I’m always quite derogatory towards my arms – I’m always saying that they’re big, manly arms! There’s been a fair few pictures of me running that I don’t like to look at because my arms look so big.

So I decided to post about my arms this week. And as I couldn’t find any pictures that showed them off over anything else, I decided to post this picture from our day kayaking in Canada last year. Because whilst I might sometimes think that my arms are too muscular, in reality they’re toned, strong, and put up with a whole day kayaking with ease.

I’m grateful for my arms, and that they give me the ability to do heavy lifting in the house when I need to, help power me along running, and swoosh through the water when I swim. And I’m going to try to focus on all these great things, rather than my hang-ups about them being too big. My arms are great just the way they are.


My week of running – 11 March 2018

Spring is definitely here! It’s been so lovely to be out in the sun this week, and all the trees are starting to bud; I love this time of year.

Miles run: 27

I had pretty epic timing for two of my three pre-work runs this week, as I got back just before it properly started raining, which was especially good on Wednesday as it was torrential.

I did 4.25 mile and a 4.3 mile runs on Tuesday and Thursday respectively, and a 4.4 mile hill circuit run in the middle. It was tough but satisfying although I annoyingly forgot to press my lap button for a couple of the loops so I’m not sure if I was consistent this week.

On Saturday I did a very slow, tough 8 miles as I had zero energy (stupid period!) but I made it through and seriously enjoyed the sun on my face, and not having to wear gloves!

This morning I felt more energetic, and did my 6 mile trail run. It wasn’t too muddy, but was a lot wetter than I had expected. And annoyingly my new trail shoes do not seem to agree with my feet, as I got a blister. So not fair. But I did encounter a cute, friendly coonhound with super soft ears, which was nice.

Hopefully the warmer, nicer weather will continue this week!

Why I love my body (Post 3, Lent 2018)

It’s week three of my Lent body positivity challenge, and today I’m loving my curveyness. I have a crazy tiny waist and nice curvy hips, which I’ve spent my adult life either brushing off, or complaining about.

When my mother-in-law saw this picture she commented on my tiny waist and I made up excuses that it wasn’t – it was the light/angle/my outfit. When in reality, it is tiny!

I mean, it can be pretty annoying shopping for clothes sometimes, but I actually have an hourglass figure, which a lot of women strive for. And I feel like I should be more grateful for it! So, I’m going to try and stop being shy about it, and actually accept compliments when they come around. Because I love my curvy shape.

My week of running – 4 March 2018

This week has been super, super cold (-3 and -4 degrees celsius for two of my runs), and we got snow! But I’ve been running really well, perhaps the cold has been spurring me on?!

Miles run: 26.55

I started the week on Tuesday with an easy 4.25 mile pre-work run, which was cold, especially against the wind for the last mile! I then went out again on Wednesday and did 4.3 miles, and it was even colder! So cold I actually got windburn on my face, which made me very red-faced and a little sore for the rest of the day. But I did enjoy seeing how frozen everything was, even one of the reservoirs was beginning to freeze around the edges.

On Thursday, we had snow! Only about a centimeter, but it was a novelty. I did go outside to try and run in it, but it was actually super slippery, so I came back inside and used my treadmill. I usually find the treadmill really boring, so I decided to challenge myself by increasing the speed every mile – doing 7.5 mph, up to, 8, 8.5 and finishing on 9mph. Which is much faster than I usually run! I was quite please with myself for managing it.

On Saturday I went for my usual 8 mile loop, and was finding it really hard… and then I realised I was running it much faster than usual! I ended up doing the route in 1:01, which was possibly my fastest ever, but definitely the fastest for a long time. The weather had warmed up quite a bit as well, and I got caught in a pretty heavy shower, so perhaps it was the rain that made me run faster to get home!

Today I decided against doing a trail run, due to the high likelihood of super muddy trails, so did a 5.75 mile road run instead, also at a pretty good speed.

I’ve had a pretty awesome week running, and I really hope it continues as I build up to races!


Snow (half) day!

In Jersey, we very, very rarely get snow. I think the last time we had any that actually stuck was in 2013. But we woke up to about 1cm today, which was pretty, but not enough to stop us going to work…

However, the heating in my office has been broken all week, and we’ve been working in blankets and scarves. Today it got down to 13 degrees celsius inside, and that combined with the fact that the water supply was broken as well, meant that the office got closed!

I got home at noon, and decided to make the most of the snow, because, when God gives you a snow day, you have to do everything on the snow day list.

So I:

  • Made a snow cat;
  • Went for a walk in the snow;
  • Took pictures of picturesque snowy scenes;
  • Warmed up with hot cocoa;
  • Made cakes for my husband when he gets home; and
  • Snuggled under a blanket with my cat.

I think I did pretty well!

The rain’s now washing everything away, but at least I made the best use of my bonus afternoon off work.

Why I love my body (Post 2, Lent 2018)

Week two of Lent is over already, and so here’s post number two of my Lent body positivity challenge.

This is a picture that I’ve never shared before, I think mostly because it’s quite posey, which is not something that I would normally do.

But, you know what, why shouldn’t I pose for a cute picture on holiday? There’s no reason I shouldn’t show off what I’ve worked for, and be proud of my shape. I love how I look in this bikini, and I’m happy to share it with people.

My week of running – 25 February 2018

This week has been getting progressively colder, but I’ve been loving running in the crisp, sunny weather. It’s so blissful after all the weeks of rain we’ve had this year!

Miles run: 27.1

I did two very solid 4.25 mile pre-work runs this week, with a 4.4 mile hill circuit run sandwiched between them. I finally remembered to take autolap off my watch as well, so I manually lapped each hill loop, and was pleasantly surprised at how consistent I was. Each loop was within a few seconds of each other, which was great! Now I just need to work on bringing the time down…

It was super cold and sunny on Saturday when I went out for an easy 8 mile run; I stayed at a good pace but tried to take it easy as I’ve gone pretty hard for the past couple of weeks.

This morning I went for a 6 mile trail run, and hoped it wouldn’t be too muddy after a week of no rain. It wasn’t too bad, not too much wet, but still pretty squishy underfoot.

We’re forecast snow for this week, so I might even get to run in that for the first time! Let’s see what happens…