My week of running – 19 February 2017

I’ve been really quite tired this week, so running has been quite tough and I’ve been taking it pretty easy.

Miles run: 26.75

I wasn’t planning on running three times before work this week, but when I got to the swimming pool on Monday morning they were having issues with alarms, and so I had to go back home and ran instead. so that threw out my planned schedule, and I ended up running Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. At least the weather was good, and it’s warming up! And there’s so many more people out running in the mornings, it’s great to see.

On Saturday I just went for my 8 mile route, as I’d been feeling super tired on Friday and whilst I wanted a nice long chill-out run, I didn’t want to go super far! #the sun was out, and it was a beautiful morning, so that was great. But i really did struggle through the miles! And I was trying out my new Ultimate Direction water bottle… which wasn’t amazing. I’ll do a quick review of it shortly.

And this morning, the weather was still nice, and so I went out for my 6 mile trail run. It was pretty tough going, but I really value being surrounded by nature, with the birds singing loud enough for me to hear over my music. I even heard a woodpecker this morning, which was pretty cool – although it’s much easier to hear them than it is to see them.

Hopefully I’ll feel less tired next week, especially as I need to do my February half marathon at the weekend…


Super quick review: Nathan Speeddraw


The Nathan Speeddraw is billed as an 18oz (532ml) flask that fits into your hand for running. I bought the insulated version, because I figured it would be handy for summer.

Unfortunately it’s going straight back to Amazon, for the following reasons:

  1. I filled the bottle to the brim with water, and poured it out into a jug to see what the actual capacity was. It turned out to be 15oz (443ml) which is way under what it should be, and definitely not enough for my long runs.
  2. You get water out of the flask by squeezing it. When you squeeze, water spills out all around the cap. And yes, I did it up pretty tight.
  3. Water will not come out of the bottle if you suck on it. The bottle is super tough. I have no idea how you would get all of the water out of the bottle whilst running – I’m sure my hands wouldn’t be strong enough to squeeze it hard enough.

On the plus side, the bottle did fit very comfortably in my hand. but that’s about all it had going for it.

I posted a very brief review covering these points on the Nathan website; well attempted to – it’s still not been published after over a week. I won’t hold my breath to see it, but it makes me annoyed that they can’t accept criticism. Hopefully they will read my points and make improvements…

Midweek musings – 16 February 2017

This week has made me feel like Spring might be on the way. I have loads of bulbs coming up in my garden, it’s almost light when I get home from work, and it’s getting warmer. Yay! 

The is what I’ve been up to…

I’ve booked our snowboarding holiday! We’re going at the end of next month to our favourite area, La Plagne, in the French alps. I’m super, super excited!

I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day with my husband. He bought me some beautiful flowers, and we went out for a nice chilled out meal together.

I’ve been eating delicious Hotel Chocolat chocolate bought for me by my mother in law to thank us for looking after her recently. 

I’ve been relaxing in the bath with awesome Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs. They smell so awesome and leave your skin so soft.

I’ve been trying out my Foreo Luna face brush, and I think it’s having good results. I’ll write some more about that sometime.

I’ve been buying running water bottles. One has been returned to Amazon, and the other seems like it should work, so I’ll test that out on Saturday. 

I’ve got some good things planned for the weekend, so looking forward to the week being over at last!

Beauteque BB Bag – January 2017


My last Beauteque BB Bag, and to be honest, I’m actually quite glad! My time with this subscription has definitely come to an end.

So, the huge pack on the left is a pack of modelling mask mix, identical to one I received not all that long ago on this subscription, and still haven’t used! I tried a modelling mask once and it seriously got stuck into the fine hairs at the edge of my hair, and my eyebrows and it was just horrible! So I haven’t braved one again. Now I have so much of the stuff I probably should…

Next up is Baobab shampoo and body wash, which is all good and I’ll use, but not exactly a cool innovative K-Beauty product. I also got a crazy bright red lip crayon, which is just going to be a throw-away product as I look ridiculous with red lips!


The one thing I am quite pleased with is the collagen face cream, as I’ve had good results with similar products in the past. And it smells pretty good.

Finally, there’s these crazy eye-brow trimming scissors. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to use them, but in theory I think they could be quite useful.

I’m not sure what the BB Bag went downhill so quickly, but the past four months or so have been terrible. Now I need to find something good to replace it with. Any suggestions guys?


My week of running -12 February 2017

This week was so much better for running! It’s still been pretty darn cold, but thankfully not so windy or rainy. Maybe we will get some Spring weather soon…

Miles run: 29.25

I did three 4.25 mile runs before work this week, and one thing surprised me… it’s now light enough at 7am to not need my head torch! It’s such an awesome revelation, not running in the dark! Loving it.

On Saturday I headed out for a 10 mile run that ended up being 10.5 miles as I took a later turning than I should have. But I enjoyed it anyway, and it was great to get out for a good long run. It was pretty cold with occasional light rain, which wasn’t so bad. But as I got onto the waterfront the wind was in my face and it started sleeting tiny little ice crystals that were like glass shards against my face! luckily it only lasted about five minutes but it was so stingy cold.

And this morning the sun was out so I got to go for a trail run! It was pretty squishy underfoot for my six miles, and was fairly tough going, but I was so grateful to be able to run.

It’s been a good week, and hopefully things will continue…

My Little Box – February 2017


February’s My Little Box is just perfectly put together. I can’t get over how adorable the Mountains theme is, from the box design, to the print on the bag, to the cute accessories. I love it so much, and it’s made me want to book my snowboarding trip even more!

So, the beauty products consist of Benefit Porefessional primer, which I have had a sample of before, and was thinking of trying it again, so I’m really pleased to get some to try again. There’s also an Icy Magic under-eye cream, which is great as it’s an area that I often neglect, so it’s so good to have some that I can put in the bathroom to make sure I use it.

Finally, there’s a handy little MLB brand lip balm, which i think is slightly tinted and smells amazing! and is handy to put on as you literally just rub it over your lips and it covers them both at once. I’m not sure whether it has SPF in though, which I would hope for as this is a mountain box (and I’ve had mountain sun-burned lips before and it is not good!)

The lifestyle items are also super cute; I particularly love the sparkly socks. They’s not quite thick enough for me for winter, but I will totally wear them come summer (I have weirdly cold feet).

There’s also an adorable little brooch, and a mountain shaped post-it note pad (which is so heading for my desk).

Finally, there’s a little mini-magazine that includes a load of soup recipes (yum) and an extra bonus knitting pattern book. Which I thought was a bit strange that it didn’t come with any wool, but my mum is good at knitting so I might pass it on to her with some hints…

Every month when I get this box I feel glad that I’m subscribed to it – a feeling I’ve rarely got with other boxes. It’s just the perfect mix of beauty and lifestyle products, and everything about it feel super quality. Keep it up guys!



Midweek musings – 9 February 2017

It’s definitely been a bit of an up and down week this week, the rain at the weekend bummed me out, work has been hard, but I did get lots of parcels after my Internet shopping. Anyway… 

I’ve been super stressed at work! Monday was one of those days where everyone was demanding me and I had no idea where to start,  and Tuesday was just as bad. So I put in some extra hours on Tuesday evening, got myself back on track, and things have calmed down a bit again thankfully. 

I’ve been listening to Bastille’s newest album, Wild World. I’ve been quite enjoying it, but I definitely feel like the first half is much better than the second.

I’ve been reading Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard, the sequel to Red Queen. I found Red Queen to be captivating, but so far the sequel has been a disappointment. 

I’ve been trying out different running hydration systems, and not having much luck. My waist pack trial was a disaster, and the handheld bottle I bought from Nathan Sports was rubbish (and is being returned!)

I’ve watched the last Hunger Games movie at last! I was anticipating a huge cry fest at the end (as the book gets me every time) but it just didn’t play out as well on screen. I quite liked it, but would pick reading the book over it every time.

I’ve baked delicious healthy carrot cake cookies (I adore carrot cake) and also banana oat pancakes, which were not so great.

I’ve been contemplating booking a last minute snowboarding trip to the alps. Hopefully it will happen!

Hopefully next week will be more chilled…