Rock n Roll Half Marathon Lisbon 2017 – 15 October 2017

I was super excited, and grateful, to be invited by an ex work colleague to go to the Rock n Roll Lisbon half marathon this weekend. We went by private jet, and had a couple of days to enjoy the city as well, but I’ll write about that separately. 
The race started in the middle of the Vasco da Gama bridge, and so to get to the start you had to take a mandatory bus, which was actually really amazingly organised. We also had to take the metro to get to the bus, which was fine, but very infrequent! Still, we got to the starting area on the bridge about an hour before the start, and so had plenty of time to chill, have our last minute snacks, and revel in the novelty of hanging out in the middle of a huge bridge. 

The race started, and whilst it was warm, there was a bit of a breeze. We didn’t start until 10:30 am, and the temperature was predicted to rise to 31 degrees Celsius, but at that point it didn’t seem so bad.

I started off steadily, in line with my race plan of having the first two miles as a warm up. I kept my phone out and took a few pictures, and enjoyed the scenery.

After the bridge we ran down the huge exit ramp, which was so cool! It was very fun being able to run on these huge roads, especially coming from a tiny island. I picked up the pace over the next few miles, and got into my race pace of about 7:30 minute miles. Which was fine on the tree lined roads. When we hit the 10K mark, the shade disappeared, and the full heat of the sun was on us. And it was just too much! I listened to my body, slowed down, and made sure I grabbed water at each stop.

And then I got distracted at one of the water stations and forgot to pick up a bottle, and at about mile 11 started to feel a bit out of it. So I did something I’ve never done in a race, and walked for a bit, to the next water stop. I’ve literally never run in that much heat; my Garmin Tempe recorded 34 degrees, which is about 20 degrees warmer than I’ve been running in at home at the moment. 

I managed to get running again after that, and plodded up the pretty steep about mile long hill, in the shade again, yay! And then it was just back down again, around a few corners and then into one of the main squares for the finish line.

And the best thing at the finish line… A Calippo ice-cream!  Literally the best thing I had seen all morning. And somehow, once I’d finished, it didn’t seem so hard after all!

I ended up finishing in 1:47:50 (chip time, my gun time was 6 minutes slower) which put me 1307th overall, and 60th senior woman (gun time, I was 53rd by chip time) which I’m pretty pleased with. Whilst it was nowhere near my PB, the conditions were so much more extreme than I’ve ever run in.

The race being a rock n roll race, had live bands along the route, and whilst there were some, I was expecting more. And maybe more music playing in-between, along all of the course. Perhaps other ones are better… In any case, it was an amazing experience to be able to run such a big event, in a huge city!


My week of running – 15 October 2017

Having been on a bit of a hectic weekend in Lisbon, I’m slightly late in posting this one this week. It’s been a bit of an amazing week, anyway.

Miles run: 21.85

I’ve decided to mix in my hill circuit route for a few weeks, before the Durrell Dash at the end of the month, so I did my usual 4.25 mile pre-work run on one day, and my 4.3 mile hill circuit in the other. It was interesting to do something different, and not as tough as I was expecting.

And then this weekend I’ve been in Lisbon for the rock and roll Lisbon half marathon (which came out as 13.3 miles for me). It was unbelievably hot, my maximum temperature was 34 degrees! But it was so amazing to be able to run somewhere different, and to take part in such a big event. I’ll post in full about it once I’m home.

Next week is back to normal, just building up to my final event of the year.

My week of running – 8 October 2017

This has been a pretty exciting week for running for me! Partly because I got to do an international run as I had to stay overnight in London for work (England counts as international for Jersey people!). And also because I have been invited on a trip to the Lisbon Rock n Roll half marathon next weekend! I am beyond excited, as we’re going by private jet (!) and also because I get to do another race before the season ends!

Miles run: 22.75

So, on Tuesday I had a lovely 4.5 mile run in Hyde and Kensington Parks in London. I was super lucky to be staying right next to the parks, and after making sure I had all the maps on my phone in case I got lost, I set off to the parks, and did a loop of the Serpentine, and then a loop of Kensington Park before heading back to the hotel, and work. 

I had been slightly nervous about running in the city by myself, but there was no need. The parks were super busy, and there were even army people exercising their horses, it couldn’t have been safer! It was so beautiful, and full of wildlife, including squirrels, which I love! Awesome morning run.

I then did a normal home 4.25 mile run on Thursday, against the wind! But at least it was dry, and I got out there.

On Saturday I did my 8 mile loop, and it was a really good fast one. I really enjoyed the speed, and the scenery,  and lots of cute dogs! And then today I did my 6 mile trail run, which was slightly eventful as I got a nosebleed towards the end. Super embarrassing, but at least I had a tissue with me and was close to home.

A good week overall, and I so can’t wait until next weekend!

My (husband’s) Dale running costume

After I’d decided to run as Gadget Hackwrench in the 2017 Disneyland Paris 10K, my husband also signed up (yay!) and so I obviously decided to make us another couples outfit. I went with Dale out of the Chip and Dale duo, as he’s the more recognisable, and also a more practical outfit to run in.

I bought a red short-sleeved short from eBay and then got some bright yellow felt to make the flower print. I freehand drew the flower-splat out, and it came out pretty well. After cutting out all of the shapes, I then realised that I should have stuck my bond-a-web to the fabric before cutting it! So rather than sticking all of the shapes to the shirt, I had to sew them on. Oops.


Whilst Dale does not wear any pants, obviously something would have to be added to this outfit! I searched everywhere for some brown running shorts, but they don’t appear to exist, so I’ve gone with just a pair of my husband’s brown shorts to finish it off.

Super happy with how this turned out! And so easy!


My (husband’s) Prince Eric running costume

When my husband agreed to run the Disneyland Paris 5K with me, I knew exactly which Disney couple I wanted us to go as: Ariel the Little Mermaid, and Prince Eric. The Little Mermaid is one of my favourite Disney films, and I already have an Ariel running costume, so all I needed to do was make his outfit.

This was actually a super easy one, and mostly involved buying bits and pieces. I bought a pirate short from eBay for the top, black football socks for “boots” and blue running trousers for his bottoms. The only thing I did with the trousers was to turn up the bottoms and put a few stitches in to hold them.


Not being completely lazy, I did make his red sash. I just took some red fabric, cut it to size, and then hemmed the edges. I fastened it with elastic, so that he can take it on and off, and in hindsight I’m not sure why I didn’t use velcro. But, oh well, elastic works just as well!

The finished outfit, together with my Ariel outfit, looks pretty awesome!


RunDisney Disneyland Paris Half Marathon 2017 – 24 September 2017


On Sunday morning it was the third of our races for the weekend! Just me and my friend were running this one, we left the guys in the hotel (in bed!) and set off for another early morning run. We ran the half marathon as classic princesses, me as Cinderella and my friend as Snow White.


We set off pretty steadily, definitely both aware of the fact that we’d been running and walking around the parks all weekend. But the excitement of running around both Walt Disney Studios and the Magic Kingdom got to us and we were tearing around getting as many pictures as we could!


After about 5 miles we sadly left the parks, and started the long trek around the roads and village nearby. The sunrise was beautiful, and there were loads of bands and a DJ playing, but even with this it was really hard going! The fun of the parks really takes away the tiredness, which comes back when you’re just running along a road. Still, it gave us a chance to chat and watch other people go by in cool costumes.


At about mile 10, we got back to Disney, and ran through and around various hotels, back through some backlots and to the finish line in Walt Disney Studios. The finish line was in site, but we definitely had to stop and take selfies with Mickey and Minnie before we finally crossed the line and got our medals.


This was the second race in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo challenge, and so we picked up not one, but two medals at the end! It was so cool to have our medal clinking together as we walked back to the hotel. And we finally got RunDisney space blankets! So mine is folded and ready to take to future races at home. Super cool.

Literally one of the most fun weekends ever! And I think all four of us are signing up for next year as soon as possible!

RunDisney Disneyland Paris 10K 2017 – 23 September 2017


New for 2017, the RunDisney Disneyland Paris 10K was an awesome addition! All the fun of running exclusively through the Disneyland Paris parks, but twice as long as the 5K (obviously!)

This took place early on Saturday morning, and I was so glad for my jumpsuit as it really kept me warm whilst I was waiting! This race’s costumes were Bridget and Dale (from Rescue Rangers, a bit old school) for my husband and I, and Jasmine and Aladdin for our friends. Whilst we got lots of official together pictures, I somehow didn’t get any of us on my phone…


We were so better placed this time, and managed to start within about 15 minutes of the start of the race. The four of us stuck together again, and wound our way around Walt Disney Studios and the Magic Kingdom, and then back to the Studios again for the finish line. The course is so twisty, we had no idea where we were half of the time (apart from when we were in the parks, obviously)!

We stopped for some official pictures, and some unofficial selfies/pictures where we didn’t want to wait in line, as there were still some big queues even though we started earlier.


I was even prouder of my husband on this race, not only was it the furthest he has ever run, it was pretty crazy for him running a 5K and a 10K within 12 hours of each other. We had such a good time running together, and running with our friends. And huge breakfasts afterwards were great too!

The 10K was a great addition to the weekend, and so fun to spend more time running with all the other Disney fans. And it was the first race of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo challenge; so happy they included a challenge this year!